The Management of Borneo Holiday holds strongly to this believe as we have faith that in order to be successful, a team needs to work together and function as a family, guided by good leaders. We are confident that we have the Management Team required to deliver the best to our valuable clients.

“Leadership is not about titles, positions or flowcharts. It is about one life influencing another.” ~ John C Maxwell

Meet The Team


General  Manager: Faye Robert

Having Faye leading the BH team is like having an invisible force driving the company forward.  She is very passionate in whatever she does and with almost a decade of experience in the tourism industry she is driven to make Borneo Holiday a success.  Having come into Borneo Holiday only recently, she has revitalized the company, wishing to offer tourists the best possible experiences in Sabah.  She wants to pursue one of her missions of introducing the “real” Borneo to visitors and to also make a difference in the Sabah tourism industry through ensuring all her customers leave Sabah with the best memories possible.

She stands by a very motivational motto which is “I am in a competition with no one. I have no desire to play the game of being better than anyone. I am simply trying to be better than the person I was yesterday”

Skype ID: faye.robert6

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Operation & Marketing Executve: Florina Edna Joannes

We are very lucky to have Florina in our team! A wonderful young lady who has been in the tourism industry for over a decade, Florina is very hardworking and outgoing! She has a deep passion towards outdoor activities and she loves to create unique experiences for her clients as well as being involved in anything that has to do with hospitality. Florina is very proficient in English and Malay. Her goal in life is to make her destinations known worldwide! She lives by a very interesting motto which is “Doing what you love is freedom; liking what you do is happiness”

Skype ID – florina.joannes

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Tour Executive: Sylvia Ayung

One of Borneo Holiday’s key players, Sylvia, a lovely young lady has been working in the tourism industry for 7 years. Being in the industry this long, she understands the need for being diligent and friendly, and these traits come to her naturally. Sylvia is proficient in English and Malay. Her passion in life is pretty simple which is to love whatever that she does. “Choose a job that you love”, is her motto and it is clear by the passion she has towards her job that she really loves!

Skype ID – sylvianna.ayung



Tour Consultant: Mimie Fung

Mimie is an energetic and adventurous young lady. With years of experiences running in half marathons, jungle trekking as well as varieties of competition running, she is the ideal candidate for you to inquire about any extreme activities in Sabah, with a focus on the running related activities listed in the Sabah Tourism Board annual event calendar. Mimie Fung hopes being part of Borneo Holiday will help her in increasing the opportunities for participating in the sports she likes, such as running.  At the same time, she wishes to encourage and give awareness to young women out there to be involved in sports for a healthy and a more adventurous life.  Her motto is “Don’t follow other runners’ footsteps, because you will always be second best!”

Skype ID – mimie.fung1



Publicity & Market Development Executive: Tantini Kamin

Enthusiastic, outgoing and always looking at life positively, Tantini knows her roles well in Borneo Holiday. She enjoys mingling with people and exploring new things is definitely one of her passions! She holds a Degree in Physics, Electronics and Instrumentations from University Malaysia of Terengganu (UMT) and graduated in 2008. Although, her background of studies is very different from her current responsibility in the company, her love of writing and her experiences of Sabah make her an ideal choice for handling the publicity for Borneo Holiday.  Being a very active sports person she holds the motto for life of “Discipline is the key to triumph.” Her goal is to always be a successful testimonial to the Universe’s Law of Attraction and one day, she wishes to travel the world!

Skype ID: Tantini Kamin

  • China Market 中文市场

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旅游顾问: Jason Khok @ 郭志才 (贾伸)

贾伸 是一位既友善又满怀热忱的旅游顾问。从事多年的船务客户顾问以及拥有多年经验在医院担任协调员工作的贾伸,也因此深懂专业的待客服务。他热爱于大自然野外 生态的了解以及对世界多元文化的认知。流利以多种语言,如华语,方言如客家话或广东话,以及 英语和马来语。最大的梦想是到世界各地去旅游。贾伸的座右铭是 “健康是万事排首先要处理好的事情。”

Skype ID – jason.khok

  • Accounts & Admin

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Accounts Executive: Jason Jikuil

Jason J has been in tourism line since June 2008 and he is a wonderful team player as he works hard and is smart! Not to mention, he is also very resourceful. Being in a very challenging industry, Jason has a deep passion towards tourism, really loving what he does. For him, that is what ignites a good workforce and that passion is a key driver to having the successful completion of a task at the end of day. Jason is very fluent in English and Malay. He really loves to smile and to enjoy life to its fullest with his main goal is to live a joyful life!

Skype ID: jason.jikuil1



Admin & Accounts Assistant: Cyinthia Mok

A very pleasant and charming young lady, Cyinthia brings her A-game to work each day where she is very hardworking and friendly. For each task given, she strives hard with forceful commitment in order to achieve amazing results. It is pretty obvious once you see Cyinthia that she has a passion for fashion, along with sports and the hospitality industry.  Having many years of experience in tourism, Cyinthia is fluent in Malay and English and can communicate in Chinese (Mandarin). Her goals are to become an outstanding person and be very successful in her career. As a strong woman, she believes in a motto of “MISTAKES are painful when they happen, but years later, a collection of these mistakes is called EXPERIENCE, which leads me to SUCCESS.”

Skype ID – cyinthiacassendra.mok

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Mary Benson Wolf – Houston, Texas

Outgoing, vibrant and adventurous, Mary, a local Sabahan who is currently residing in Houston, Texas is an additional gem in Borneo Holiday’s existing Management Team. Migrated to the US for more than 18 years now, she knows what the Western Market yearns for when traveling to the beautiful Borneo Island, Sabah. With a strong background in fitness, she used to be Sabah’s first ever woman’s bodybuilder during her golden era. Backed with a great discipline and zeal towards sports, she enjoys playing golf and is certified by USGTF. Aside from that, she is also an avid member of the LPGA Golf Teaching Professional. Linking her love towards sports and active lifestyle together, she is now managing her own Massage Therapy center. One of her main goals in life is to do fascinating and challenging activities more often. While doing that, she is also extremely thrilled to show the outside world what Sabah, Borneo is all about!

Address: 12603 Ashford Pine Dr, Houston Texas 77083 Tel: 713 883 3907




Ms Monica Bainson – Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Monica is originally from Kota Kinabalu but currently she is residing in West of Malaysia for more than two decades. She strongly holds the philosophy of “age is not a limit for anyone and everyone to try new activities”. Monica enjoys traveling, is very active and she treats any new challenge that comes her way as a new experience. At 60 years young, she just completed Paragliding and White Water Rafting at Kiulu River in Sabah. She is really looking forward into tackling Padas River pretty soon too. Yes, she has been living in the West Malaysia for many years now, nonetheless, she strongly believes that people outside of Sabah should be introduced to her beautiful hometown, and she will take pride in doing it by being Borneo Holiday’s representative!

Address: A-11-B, Sri Angsana Condo, Jalan Hilir 3, 55100 W.P Kuala Lumpur. Tel: +6 016 2401533

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Overall Descriptions

Each and every member of the team provides their own strength to the company’s well-being like no other. Productive, diligent and very pleasant, BH is lucky to have a very passionate team at our core.

We believe that Unity is strength, when there is teamwork and collaboration, wonderful things can be achieved!!