Upcoming Events for 2016


Borneo International Marathon (BIM)
Sabah Fest – A Cultural Extravaganza
Regatta Lepa
1st Kiulu Adventure Challenge 2015

Upcoming Events – November 2015

Kokol Hill Challenge 2015
Sago Festival (Pesta Rumbia)
Sabah Wellness 2015
Bamboo Music Festival
Borneo Divers Celebration of Sea Turtles in Mabul
2nd World Toilet Convention & Exhibition
Fitness & Health Fair 2015
Remembrance Day
Balik Kampung School Program
X’Trail-Ranauthlon 2015

Upcoming Events – December 2015

Gaya Christmas
Notolob Tarob Festival
Spirit of Nunuk Ragang – 5th Edition (Sunduan No Nunuk Ragang)
Bazar Seni
XC2-Xtreme Course Challenge
Soleil Trinity Jessie Lee Talks about 2016: Year of the fire Monkey – Friend or Foe
Baa.. Lets Go to the park
5th Sabah Parks Community Day
The Pan Borneo Expeditions